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We are dog training company in the Houston, Texas area that focuses on attention to detail and precision when it comes to training your pup. Even in reference to basic obedience, our team can help your dog retain more focus and attention in a private or public setting. We keep our training curriculum fun and exciting to ensure your pup always has positive reinforcement at all times. Our team is loving & caring, we treat your dog just as good as you would at all times. 
Our founders at Come And Train It K9 have collectively been working with dogs for over 20 years. Initially, we all typically worked with dogs at a sport level. After seeing the constant overturn of pets and homes, we decided to do something about it. Our team is committed to ensuring the happiness of both Dog and owner(s). 
Searching for a local in-home dog training program? Too busy with life and need a boarding and training option? Whatever the case, Come & Train It K9 is here to help! 


Board-N-Train is a training program where you drop your dog off to be trained at our facilities. We will keep the dog for several weeks and train the dog while boarded. This type of training can be very effective.
Each of our training programs is custom tailored to the specific situation. There are a number of factors that we evaluate prior to building a training package for you such as your dog’s age, temperament, previous training, as well as the desired goals of the owner. What will work for one dog and owner, won’t necessarily fit well with another.
Come & Train It K9 can help with every aspect of your dog’s training, including puppy management and housebreaking. We train dogs of every age (including teaching those old dogs some new tricks), small dogs as well as big dogs. You can contact us today to set up a free demonstration and consultation with your dog.
Absolutely. Come & Train It K9 has successfully trained thousands of small dogs across the nation. Small dogs and large dogs learn in very much the same capacity. The only difference is the owner’s tendency to tolerate more extreme behaviors from their small dogs such as aggression, excessive barking and even housebreaking or marking problems.
Group classes are held in multiple locations each week. At home sessions by our trainers are also available. We encourage each of our clients to attend group sessions regularly.
Dogs that are sensitive or fearful (may or may not display submissiveness or fear-based aggression) have unique circumstances that need to be addressed through clear and non-confrontational dog obedience training. Dog’s that display either introverted or extroverted behavior that is based on fear can be challenging to train without the proper guidance and coaching. The main goal in training dogs of this temperament type is to build confidence in the dog through obedience exercises and other learned behavior. Come & Train It K9 has an excellent success rate with dog aggression, people aggression and positive reinforcement training for your pup.

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We aim to eliminate the task of difficult dog training in your everyday life. Come & Train It K9 offers effective & affordable solutions for your dog's training efforts. Our team is certified & professional on all levels of K9 training. If you are in the market for a local Houston dog trainer, we would love the opportunity to earn you and your pups business!

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